About Us

The FMSC General Trading Contracting company is part of  the MOYARA Group which is the global leader regarding  the provision of food services “ONE STOP SOLUTIONS”, especially in challenging environments around the world.

Since 1982, we have been providing great quality of  food products around the world which empowered our  customers to achieve their goal

FMSC was established under the same flag of group for  Catering, Daily needs support services and Maintenance  Division and therefore to provide the best food, overall  daily needs support, camp-associated, general trading  and contracting services at a competitive cost.

Over the years, we have been providing Catering  Services, Camp Management to the prominent  companies: HEISCO LIMAK, AL-SAYER, WATANIYA.

We intend to safely and proficiently provide associated  services for civil societies, governmental ministries  (MOD, MOE, MOH, MOI), military operations, oil field companies, (off-shore) commercial food industrial  organizations, co-operative societies, catering and daily  needs support companies, all at the most remote and  hostile places.


Mr. Zaher Fouad Al Khatib

“It is my greatest privilege to introduce our group of companies that have been striving since 1982 to provide the Best and  Highest Quality Food Services, Products, Catering and Daily needs support, all within the states of: Kuwait, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA).

Inspired by the growing demands for a Food  Industry Service in Kuwait & MENA, The  MOYARA Group of Management embarked  FMSC upon a series of initiatives aimed to  expand food industry, catering and daily needs support services.

Nowadays, as our business grows to shape  new horizons for our valued customers in regards of Food Industry as well as Daily needs support services, we remain committed to our philosophy of providing the Best Quality of food services / products, as well as products people use on a daily basis such as: Kitchen Equipment; Housekeeping and Disposable products. It complies with the highest international standards, develops mutually  beneficial partnership with our customers, invests in human capital, and maintains our stance as good corporate citizens.

The FMSC established a modern, solid and  proficient base with an international standardized infrastructure. It includes qualified staff, professional and trained management, good warehousing facilities and a fleet of refrigerated vehicles.

We believe that improving and expanding  upon our service and resources, it will surely  enhance our missional is our main goal to  offer great quality of food material, catering and daily needs support services  at a competitive cost. Our dedicated professionals are extremely committed to prioritize our customers and guarantee a great service.

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